Bread Either Splits or Falls *confused*

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I’m new here and new in the world of sourdough. I was given a starter by a friend and have been really into baking the past month or so. 

My problem comes during baking. I bulk prove for 3 hours and then fold and separate and prove for another three hours. The recipe I use is menough for two loaves. This is where it gets tricky. When I make two loaves then the bake is no good and has no rise. When it comes out of the second prove it’s very airy and seems to collapse. 

I also use the same recipe for four smaller loaves essentially cutting each loaf in half. When these smaller loaves bake they seem to split and explode. I originally thought i wasn’t scoring properly so I went into the next bake with confidence and scored pretty well. Still exploded. 

Regarding the bigger loaves I thought they were overproved and that’s why they collapsed. I cut three hours to two and they still come out feeling very fragile and don’t rise. 

What would cause the bigger loaves to not rise and the smaller loaves to overrise? 


And to preempt your question on recipe this is what I do:

800g bread flour

460ml tepid water

10g sea salt

320g starter


photos for context. 

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