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Yes! We did it! Or rather, Key did it! What you are about to see may have some oven-builders slapping their heads in disbelief shock, because my dear builder practically winged the whole thing; he gave cursory glances to the plan  and the pictures I googled online. And, he didn't want me hanging around while he built, though he appreciated all the cold drinks I made.

The first brick was laid on 14 April and as at today, what's left to do are the roof and the inner door. We have started 2 small fires, and, The Big One will probably be tomorrow. Can you sense my excitement?? Key went and buy some already marinated (duh!) tandoori chicken wings to cook tomorrow in the oven. LD's naan thread couldn't have been more timely!

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Looks shabby, doesn't it? At that point, hubby was really considering abandoning the brick oven for a BBQ pit.

106cm x 170cm was as big as the table could get. Somebody refused to move the garden lamp, and, the other side has our pond's sand filter. Looks like the oven is going to be wide instead of deep.

And, so the work begins...with a border built from recycled bricks.

We decided to go with perlite because we were not sure about how safe our vermiculite is.

Leveling the perlite.

Adding cement to the perlite.

Dry-mixing cement with perlite.

Mixing it with water.

Insulation layer for the hearth is done.


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