Whole Wheat Multigrain Loaf


This formula is from Hamelman's Bread.

I have modified the formula slightly. The hydration has been upped to 78%. I left out the dry yeast because I wanted to retard the dough for a more sour flavour. For the levain, I used a stiff whole wheat starter at 20% of the flour weight.

For the grains, I used bulgur and millet (at 30 gm each), black sesame seeds and whole oats (at 24 gm each). The 600 gm of flour yielded 2 loaves which weighed 530 after baking.


After allowing the bread to cool for a day, it was sliced.

The crumb was moist. It had a moderately sour tang and the grains provided a nice chew.

Here is the crumb shot.




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