Sourdough Vienna (White)


Arrr, 'tis the holidays me lads and I've not much more working (we did ~10000 hot cross buns...ugh...).

Anyway, I've been trying to bake once a day over the holidays...This is what I did today, viennas (my attempt). I kept hearing that the ends are meant to be tapered, but I've never heard of that before or seen it...

I made two loaves, one seeded (in thirds, polenta, then poppy, then sesame) and the other plain. I never thought about the size of them, and when they were proofing I was rather disappointed, thing that it was a bit of a bodge job and I'd just use them as oversized rolls...because of this, I was too scared to slash them (on fear that they'd collapse, decreasing in size). I was wrong. They increased in size tremendously while in the oven, and tore a bit. A lesson learnt though, eh?



One is already gone (my mum and brother really don't understand why I let the bread cool before slicing, and just hack away at it).

Oh, and I PROMISE I'll get an actual camera.

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