Fatto a Mano

Mario Cucuzza operates Fatto a Mano Organic Bakery from the old Gertrude Street Bakery premises. Mario was a big fan of the old bakery and is not embarassed to bake breads in the same tradition. He's got his own gorgeous creations of course, but there's no harm in acknowleding the art of gertrude bakers Paul and Janene.

Fatto a Mano has that wonderful intensity that good family-run bakeries have. You know that everything out of the display is hand crafted and the bakers would feel proud to take home and feed their own kin. Not all bakeries are like that (a shame) but then it does make Mano a Fatto the best damn bakery for miles.

Real sourdough (no commercial yeast), organic, no improvers (including ascorbic acid), a genuine selection of cafe-style meals and fresh cream pastries, unpretentious coffee...oh just go there.

03 9417 5998
228 Gertrude St
Fitzroy VIC
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
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