Homemade pizza blog/site

Hi all!

I've been working on a blog about homemade pizza for the last few weeks - well it's a blog but I have tried to lay it out more like a website so that all of the posts are equally easy to get to.

It's still under construction a bit but if anyone wants to check it out I do already have quite a few articles up. I am going to add links to sourdough pizza bases once I have my own technique down pat, so open to suggestions from others who have a nice recipe - or just general feedback on the site!


Hi Tim

Just had a quick look: I will be interested to see how it all comes together. I look forward to learning from your experiences and will probably do something similar via blogging once I master a few techniques. Keep going and enjoy it.


Excited to see your pizzapedia take shape. Here's some of our sourdough pizzas.


Thanks for the comments guys. I have had a look at that link and fed my starter yesterday to get ready for some sourdough pizza experiments of my own!