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Companion Romano cheese and celery | Sourdough Companion

Companion Romano cheese and celery

I've been meaning to have a go at Graham's Romano-Celery Sourdough ever since I saw those scrumscious photos and he posted his method. I was intrigued to see how the celery would come out in the final loaf.

I used a 60/40 mix of bakers flour with wholemeal to give a little more texture and just sprinkled a little grated pecorino romano for that sharp tang, being careful not to over do it.


I was very happy with the results and surprisingly the celery bits still had a little bit of crunch. I could have added a bit more cheese as I could hardly taste it in the final bread and would have liked a bit more of that tangy, sharp flavour to come through.

Over all a very nice combination of flavours. Thanks Graham for sharing your method. I'd love to try your butternut pumpkin bread as well - those pictures of the roasted pumpkins look so yummy. Any chance of posting your method with the pumpkin, if it doesn't give away all your trade secrets?

cheers johnny


 Oh,  I just found Graham has already posted the roasted pumpkin bread recipe some time ago!

  Silly me I should have checked. So that one is definitely next on the list.

That is such great looking bread!  I love your pictures.


The teaser pix brought me here. How did I miss this beauty? Thanks!

I just made a version of this with parmesan cheese instead of romano.  I'm rather enjoying it!  Doesn't look nearly as nice as yours Johnny, but I'm happy with the flavour.


I can just imagine this bread with some sliced ham.  *drool*

Wow, been a while since I visited here.  This recipe looks fantastic.  Must give it a go.  It's made me want to have a hunt through and see what everyone's up to.

Hi all!