Tortilla + sourdough


I have tried this for two days and it get's pretty good. It's a kind of tortilla(though tortilla doesn't have a rising agent I think) and it works amazing with sourdough.

100% flour plain
50% water
1-2% salt
optional 25% butter
10-20% ripe sourdough starter

Mix all together(if you want salt too) and let autolyse for 30 min. Knead well, I kinda try to do the slaping technique(with the butter worked without not enough hydration). I then refridgirate for 1-2 hours giving a windowpane test and fold twice or more. Then shape into little balls of dough.

With the help of a rolling pin and a pit of flour you roll the dough balls into very thin circles. Put a non stick big pan on medium-high heat and when it's warm bake for 30 sec every side. You will see beautiful bubbles growing. Some tortillas may became a big bubble. Don't burn them. Store between two towels.

I tried removing the butter and it was very good too.



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Millciti 2009 August 28

You know all eggy potato custard infused with olive oil, with sourdough bread on the side...

You are right though the original mexican flour tortillas are unleavened but these might be worth a try.  Did you see the flatbread bake off? 



dukegus 2009 August 28
I'll check the flatbread bakeoff Milciti you are right! It's worth a try because of the effect while baking. [br] It must be the same recipe that I've seen in a documentary of somewhere in Italy, where they make something like this and bake it in a wooden oven and it goes like a "baloon". Then you take it out and with a knife split it into two. Then bake it for another minute and it goes kind of crispy.
dukegus 2010 March 14

Υeah, if not using butter I'd put about 55% flour or even 60, but the recipe I tried was 50% water and 25% butter...

kflynn59 2012 January 13

Thank you for this recipe - I have mine ready for tonight's quesadillas, they were a delight to make. Sometimes I have to abandon my struggle to bake the perfect crusty country loaf and make something far simpler with my very active starter. Recommend to everyone.

frazom 2012 August 30

Actually your tortillas are more like naan or pita bread, real mexican flour tortillas do have chemical leaveners (baking powder) and do not use butter, we use fat or oil and it is not optional (except for some types of tortilla). If you want me to i could give you the recipe i use.

SourdoughAng 2013 March 3
I would love to see your tortilla recipe Frazom. I did try this recipe and it was very good but would like to see yours also if you would post it. Thanks!

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