Sourdough Vienna White

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For Preferment:
1 Tbsp Starter
100g water
100g bread flour

100g cool water
200g bread flour
1tsp salt
oil for kneading

For preferment, add water and flour to starter, mix well and leave covered till active and full of bubbles (approx 8 to 10 hours). Put flour and salt into bowl, add the preferment, water and mix with hand to a sticky dough, leave covered for 10mins.

Lightly oil a clean surface, pour dough out and knead for about 10secs then return dough back to oiled bowl. Repeat the kneading at 15mins interval (total of 3 x 10secs knead at 15mins interval, total time of 45mins). Next, do a stretch and fold and leave covered for an hour, then
cut into dough to check for bubbles. If you don't see it, do another stretch and fold then check again.

Once you see the bubbles, lightly dust work surface with flour, plonk the dough seam-side up and gently press into an oval about 20cm wide. Take the top end and roll it up tightly towards you. Next, move your hands towards the 2 sides, rolling the dough back and forth, applying pressure to form pointed ends and pinch tightly. Dust a tray with flour and place the dough seam-side down, cover with tea towel and let rise till double in height (approx 45mins or whichever is faster).

Preheat oven to 230C/440F with a tray of water at the bottom, brush/spray the dough with water (immediately before going into the oven), make a long slash, lengthwise on one side of the dough and into the oven. Bake for 15mins and reduce temp to 180C/340F, bake for another 20mins or till loaf is golden brown. Cool loaf on wire rack before cutting.

Happy Baking....

Note: All timings given base on my kitchen temperature of between 30C to 32C. You might need to adjust the timings accordingly.



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donyeokl 2006 June 21


Thanks for the comment and for trying it out... Am glad that you like it...


Croc 2006 September 4

did this one couple of times and couple of times with small changes (25+25gr rye/ww)

anyway it was done it is very nice bread but feels bit heavy for vienna style unless my oven is to blame as i done it before i figured that temperatures are way off

Croc 2006 September 4

The secret is that high temperature at the start. Really puffs up the loaf.

just what i discovered couple of weeks ago
it seem that i need to set my oven to 260C to be around 230C
i didn't test it but i figure when i set dial to 230C my oven was in fact around 190-200C and lowering to 200C for some recipes was going down to 160-170C

where breads would turn out colour less and crumb wouldn't be very tasty, i knew there is something fishy going on so i got myself termometer and now i know why some things were not working as i would like.

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donyeokl 2006 September 5

Yoooo hooooo.......Don...where are youuuu? Baking, I hope.
Hi TP,
Yes, am baking but not the sourdough thingy , that's why I haven't been posting. Am now baking gluten free and wholegrain spelt loaves for someone who has a business selling health supplements so my time is used up baking her orders and also for a few others.

Hope to be able to bake some sourdoughs soon....

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bianchifan 2006 September 5

now baking gluten free and wholegrain spelt loaves..
What's that kinda off doing stuff?
With whole grain spelt you can do excellent sourdogh, very very excellent sourdough. Gluten free loaves can also done with sourdough, not excellent, absulutely not, but you can. You may take some flour either from rice or peas. To let the ball roll first of all you wash some rye in handwarm water, just a handful, water about 50 to 100 ml. Mix the washing water with a tesspoon of honey, cold hurled (centrifuged) honey, prefer some from wild flowers or forest, they have best mycotic flora. At least stir about 2 teaspoons riceflour unter the brew and let it rest for some time at a warm and homelike place. Don't forget stiring time by time. When bubbling, you may add some water and flour, rice or peas or buckwheat or..or..or..

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TeckPoh 2006 September 5

Now, now...bianchi...don't leave things hanging...finish the recipe. Have you decided which cam to get? Hopefully it's soon...we always like to oogle at breads...hint hint.

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