Onion and Cheddar Country Sourdough

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Adam T

recipe test of our very tasty Country Sourdough. This smells great in the oven, and I don't like onions!

I put this as batard for style of bread, because I did not know what else to call it from the list provided.


Thanks, Adam

The Dough

Ingredient Metric Imperial Baker's Percentage
Organic White flour 2000 grams 70.6 oz 94.12%
Bise flour mix 125 grams 4.41 oz 5.88%
Water 1168 grams 41.23 oz 54.96%
Sour Starter (100%) 600 grams 21.18 oz 28.24%
Cracked Rye Kernels 125 grams 4.41 oz 5.88%
Wheat Germ 125 grams 4.41 oz 5.88%
Roasted White Onions 1000 grams 35.3 oz 47.06%
Sea Salt 51 grams 1.8 oz 2.40%
2 year old white cheddar 757 grams 26.72 oz 35.62%
Total Flour Weight:
2125 grams

Percentages are relative to flour weight (flour equals 100%) and every other ingredient is a percentage of this. Flour from the starter is not counted. This recipe was originally in grams and has been automatically converted to other measures.


This recipe is made using a stand up Hobart Mixer.

Combine all ingredients but the salt and cheddar. Bise mix is equal parts rye, whole wheat, and fine semolina flours.

Mix for 4 minutes on speed 1

rest for 15 minutes in the bowl

Add the salt and the cheddar.

Mix for 5 minutes on speed 1


Rest for 1 hour at room temp


Rest for 1 hour at room temp

Cut and shape into 850 gram pullmans

Place on boards with semolina and flour. Our use a couche with whatever flour you prefer.

Refrigerate for 16 to 18 hours.

Allow to warm up for a couple hours, and bake as desired.

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Adam T 2009 December 9

sorry, that was in part of my original method, but I deleted it by mistake.

Our bise mix, is equal parts rye, whole wheat, and fine semolina flours.We keep it in a seperate bucket, and use it as needed.

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Karniecoops 2009 December 9

How do you roast you onions Adam - whole? Then i presume you chop/slice them up?  1kg seems a lot of onions1  I can imagine it smells amazing!


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Adam T 2009 December 9

Onions are chopped into strips, and given a nice coat of evoo (extra virgin olive oil) with some coarse salt and black pepper. Mix it up a bit on a baking tray and bake it in the oven until it starts to brown.

ehanner 2009 December 9


This sounds like a great savory bread. Just to be sure, is the weight listed for Onions before or after they are browned? Do you use the oil they are roasted in or do you dry them on paper towels?


One other procedural question. How do you handle the cheese? 2 year old cheddar would be crumbly here in Wisconsin and delicious. Is it shredded or chunked you like best? When I have done this I find if I chunk the cheese, I end up with cheese holes when it melts so I shred it.


Great post, thanks for sharing.


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Adam T 2009 December 9

Just on my way to work, so I will be quick. Onions are pretty much drained of oil, but are not dried in any way. So there is some residue. Weight is after cooking. Cheddar is shredded. Works best.

ehanner 2009 December 9

This looks like a really great recipe. How much water loss do you plan on in the browning of the onions? They are mostly water so I would expect at least 50% loss, maybe more. I think I'll divide it in half and make a batch.


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Adam T 2009 December 9

we make this bread twice a week. Usually make around 10 loaves each night. The recipe I posted will make 7 loaves.

It is a very moist dough. I have yet to weigh it after baking to see how much water is lost.

ehanner 2009 December 10

That's a nice size loaf. What I meant was, for example if you know you need 1000g of roasted onions, you cut and slice 2500g of raw onions, or some such other number. The weight loss of onions due to water loss has always been a mystery to me. It depends on how brown you get them. I've always done it in a pan on the stove top slowly sweating them down. I have a friend who has a burger shop that's famous here and he makes 50 pounds every day from raw that way. Roasting might be faster and more efficient.


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