The Steamie Bakehouse

We are a social enterprise family-run bakery promoting healthy and sustainable food in Scotland. We began to bake for ourselves and our children in 2002 when the local baker stopped coming to our town market. Soon hooked, the idea of a wholegrain bakery began to take root and in 2009 we decided it was time to give it a try. We started baking for a local cafe in our home kitchen, but soon found that we needed a larger premises.


We now bake in an efficient, three-deck continuously-fired wood burning oven designed and built by ourselves, which we fuel with offcuts from a local sawmill. We bake exclusively with sourdough and with a strong emphasis on wholegrains. Everything is baked to order, and sold direct to households through breadclubs - a single delivery point for all the customers in an area - as well as cafe's and retailers. We bake with organic flours, sourced as locally as possible; all of our wheat flour is grown in the UK.


Our aim is to develop a space in which we can combine baking with subsidised community food events, spreading the skills and support which enable great food to be produced on even very meagre budgets.

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