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Kiwi clafouti | Sourdough Companion

Kiwi clafouti

10 Kiwis
4 eggs
25cl cream
150g powdered sugar
4 cl eau de vie plum
200 gramPate sucree

Pate Sucree:
250grams flour (Dank Markus!)
90grams butter
1 pinch salt
125 gram sugar
4 egg yolks
1/2 tsp water
make dough rest in fridge 1 hour
roll out and blind bake 10 minutes

combine ingredients for kiwii appareil, slice kiwi,

then place kiwi slices in pr-bake shell cover with egg sugar mix and bake

cool and eat, bloody delicious, from the Trois Gros brothers!




Carla I dare you try it!