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Healthy Processing of Grain and Four | Sourdough Companion

Healthy Processing of Grain and Four

This view of grain health and science was provided by A Wilcox in late 1990.

The original notice can be viewed at:

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http://www.sourdough.com.au/gallery/mai ... temId=1919

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http://www.sourdough.com.au/gallery/mai ... temId=1921

At the time, my partner and I were considering the purchase of a SAMAP commercial mill (which was later purchased with great results). We were seeking suppliers of grain for the mill. Mr Wilcox is a grower of grain, and is talking to us as a potential supplier of his grain.

The theories and hypothesies covered in this dialog are fascinating. It is a passionate mix of science and point of view.

Please post a reply if you can extend further on these issues.

Graham Prichard