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A quite old San Francisco starter | Sourdough Companion

A quite old San Francisco starter

Sour Dough Starter and local Wholemeal Spelt FlourMy first ever, Sour Dough Cob and croissant/bagel like buns :)

Hi, I hope this is the place to put this, but as a noob to this forum I just went for it :).

 I have, a few months ago come into posession of a Fifteen Year old San Francisco(ian) Sour Dough Starter and was wondering if anyone was interested in getting some. I have been making Wholemeal Spelt Sour Dough due to my slight intollerance to Gluten, and have found this Starter to be fantastic, and almost bullet proof.

 I am in Batehaven, on the South Coast of N.S.W and not sure if any 'import/export' issues would be a consern in Tasmania and other states (being ex-Tasmanian I understand food import issues :P ).

 Any enquirys ? please post on this post and let me know :)

 My partner and I run a site on Facebook called

An Authentic Life

if you are interested in checking out what we do, and see some of the bread I have made using this starter.