The Handmade Bakery

The Handmade BakeryYorkshire LeavenWe are a worker Coop bakerywalnut and honey wholemeal

We are a small artisan bakery and education project. We make traditionally crafted and slowly fermented bread for our local community and run courses both in home baking and how to start a community bakery.

Originally started from our own home kitchen, The Handmade Bakery was the first Community Supported Bakery in th UK. Our subscription bread service has enabled us to start up with almost no capital and to grow at a sustainable pace to become the thriving micro-bakery we are today.

Built around the politics and ethics of cooperative working, organic agriculture and community scale business, The Handmade Bakery has been an inspiration to many other small groups of people trying to bring real bread back to their communities in the UK.

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