The German Bakery

An one man band run by a German living in Ireland.

I missed my German sourdough bred so much, now I do it myself. I just started selling...let's see how it goes...


The German Bakery only uses organic ingredients from certified sources made in Ireland, UK and Germany.
My sourdough culture is 100% natural.
All bread is naturally leavened and shaped by hand. I do not use any additional yeast.
No colors, preservatives or emulsifiers to enhance my products like industrial bakeries do. For a good bred it’s just not necessary.


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Contact details

    Kells, Meath, Ireland.

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    Additional details:

    All my bread is based on one basic dough: Das Mischbrot (mixed bred, Germany's favorite), 50% unbleached wheat flour, 50% stoneground rye flour, water, salt. All organic of course.

    That's why my bred's name is 4 (four ingredients). All other are named 4+ Sunflower or 4+ Caraway.

Product Standards

Artisan Baker Association members are encouraged to list their products and their corresponding sourdough baking standards below. See the standards.

Product: Standard:
4 ART 2.1 - Sourdough Wholemeal OR Unbleached White