Bouef Bourgenion

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Or beef in red wine casserole.

This is my own made up poor mans version of a rustic french dish... good stuff for winter nights. Please excuse any spelling mistakes

  • 600g Diced "steak"
  • half a Cauliflower
  • Half a broccolli
  • 1/2 of One Large Onion
  • 1 cup of Sliced green beans (raw)
  • 1 large carrot Julienned fine
  • Any other assorted light vegetables (ie not turnip, parsnip, spinach or anything with an overpowering flavour). I usually use peas, corn and whatever is in season or cheap.
  • 1 cup of button mushrooms (un-cut) *optional
  • 250ml of vegetable stock
  • 1 cup of red wine, something on the medium side and not too dusty

Place all the vegetable is a sturdy bowl large enough to toss them in.  Grind up a few teaspoons of Rock salt, 2-3 teaspoons of peppercorns and some paprika. Add this to some flour and toss the diced steak through. Using a large frying pan or a Sautee pan fry the meat in a little oil. Only a gentle fry just to seal it and  cook in the flour a bit. Put the meat into the bowl with the veg and toss. Some of the flour and seasoning is probably still in the pan. Put this back on the heat and add the wine and stock. Bring this to the boil and mix through any remnants from the pan. Add to this 1/4 teaspoon of minced chilli and a sprig of rosmary. Put the Meat/ veg mix into a casserole dish and pour on the juice. Place in a pre heated oven at about 180c and leave for and hour Stirring once. After an hour turn off the oven and leave it to cook on residual heat for another 30 - 45 minutes. This is a good time to make some mashed spuds (guess you don't need a recipe for those). Serve and enjoy. The flour coating on the meat thickens the gravy and does enough seasoning for the veg.

Hope this is the sort of thing you are looking for here... I have a large repetoire of Curries if anyone is interested.



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