Is there genuine sourdough in Canberra?


Merriden & friends would like to find a supplier of genuine sourdough in Canberra.

Does any one have any suggestions or a list of artisan bakers they could check out?


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farinam 2016 July 24

Hello Merriden,

Not tried them myself but I have seen favourable mentions of Bread Nerds in Hume and Danny's Bakery in Narrabundah. Bakery Culture and Autolyse are a couple more that I have seen mentioned.

Of course you could always take up the cudgels and make it yourself by following the Beginners Pages on this site. - Home Page, right hand column.

Good luck with your projects.


Merriden 2016 July 24

Thank you Farinam! I may yet come to making my own, but am a new convert to the wonders of sourdough, so one step at a time I think! I will check out these places you've suggested. 

Ken 2018 March 7

I’m a little late coming in here but the Spence Bakery makes the best sour dough bread I’ve ever tasted and yes,he uses his own starter.

greg_au 2016 July 27

Hi Merriden,

I happen to live in Canberra and there is plenty of good sourdough on offer! Here's a list of a few bakeries that make excellent loaves:

  • Autolyse - Braddon
  • Silo - Kingston (probably my favourite)
  • Bread Nerds - Hume, but also have stalls at the EPIC Farmers Market on Saturdays
  • Knead Patisserie  - Belconnen Markets
  • Tin Shed Bread (run by a good friend of mine!) - Gundaroo Grocer and the Murrumbatemen Markets - find them on Facebook
  • A.Baker - New Acton

I'm sure there are many others as well. Happy sourdough hunting!

Jan S 2016 August 13


I have been baking my own sourdough for over a year now.

My source was a woman who has severe and multiple allergies, including baker's yeast.

She told me her daughter had taken a job at an "Artisan Bakery" and that bakery used a small percentage of Baker's Yeast in their Sourdough Loaves. This, we assume to produce a uniform loaf that the market expects.

She also told me that within her many years of broad research information like that has not appeared, as if it is not considered relevant, and even maintaining the culture is often recorded poorly.

We both use a culture maintenance technique of keeping a half teaspoon aside and feeding it 12 hourly with half teaspoon of water and half teaspoon of plain flour all mixed together and kept in a cool part of the kitchen with a cloth cover.  Sorry, no current photo.

So if there is any sourdough bread available in Canberra it is worth while asking about how it is made.  I live in a small coastal city in NSW and there are three outlets that sell Sourdough of sorts, can't imagine Our Nation's Capital without it.

BevM 2016 September 11

Since being a total "natural food" nerd I read the labels very carefully, and even interview the bakers to question their commitment to slow-rise sourdough.  To this effect, the only commercial sourdough baker I've found in the Canberra district is Tin Shed Baker, who does it the hard way using an Alan Scott woodfired oven in Gundaroo. Her breads are available as above, plus the ANU Co-op.

I am toying with the idea of baking commercially, but the entry costs don't warrent more than baking to order for friends and family.  I have a wood fired oven and do the entire process by hand, including milling Federation Wheat grown by a friend in Yass.  This results in the most uniquely flavoured bread.

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