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Hey everyone!

I have recently started baking sourdough bread and i am in love. It has been maybe 3 or 4 weeks now, i have baked about 8 loafs of bread so far. But i have been getting some minor problems and i hoped that maybe one of you could give me some advice

I uploaded the pictures of my latest baked that i did today. The starter is pretty strong, it has been with me from the start without any major problems.

I have ben using this recipe https://www.theperfectloaf.com/best-sourdough-recipe/ (try it!:) ) i dont get any problems during the bulk fermentation. The dough rises and gets really elastic but during the overnight proofing it always sticks on the cloth that i have floured and put in a bowl.

I use the rolled up table cloth drenched in water method for steam in the oven. But the oven spring is super low, im pretty sure that most of the volume of the bread is from the overnight rising. The resuult of the bread is very tasty, good crust, but a bit sticky texture. Its almost like the bread would need more time in the oven, even though i went over the recommended time on the recipe.

Any thoughts? :)

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