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Hello and greetings from Dublin!


Posting for the first time after joining a few minutes ago.

I am new to sourdough baking but I've been baking most of my life and get a lot of satisfaction from it.  Due to Covid 19, I thought it was a good time to get into making a sourdough starter, with a view to making a loaf each weekend.

So far so good but not great!  My first starter had the measurments wrong and it turned in a bad hooch!  So, chucked that out along with my inaccurate weighing scales.  Purchased a new scales and am on day 5 of my new starter.  I've been told you should name your starter.  I've decided to call mine Chuck Norris.  No idea why but it made me smile and seemed to fit!

I'm using 50/50 plain white flour (no strong bread flour in the shops anywhere or any flour for that matter) and organinc stone ground whole wheat.  I'm on day five of a 1:1:1 feeding schedule every twelve hours.  I've got activity but the starter is only rising 50% and 12 hours later has not fallen back to the origional level before the feed.  The appartment is only 60-65 degrees and is probably a little cool. This is the normal temp here at this time of year and my partner and I are quite comfortable with it as it is.  

I'm hoping chuck will come along and mature but seeing as I have not done this before, i really don't know how it will take and due to the temperatures here, it's going to take longer.  

Starter has a lovely fruity smell and a slightly sour taste. 

Anyway, just saying hello!  I welcome any comments and constructive critisim! 


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shadschahine 2020 April 3

Hey! I'm in a similar situation as you! I've increased the temp of my water as i've been told but i'm still finding little rise. I've put mine in the oven with just the light on.

I've named my starter Mariah Carey, as its so delicate and fragile. 

Owen_Dublin_Ireland 2020 April 3


So you named yours as well?  Hehe!

I read earlier that a warmer place is better and someone mentioned that beside your wifi router is a warmer spot.  Mine is always on night and day.  Anyway, I moved it to right beside the router and BINGO the starter doubled in size!  I hope it does not mind WIFI!

Rach 2020 April 6

I thought I was being neurotic by naming mine Desi, but as it turns out, quite the norm to name your living starter. 
I live in New Zealand and it's Autumn here and hard to find a place to keep Desi warm enough. I have placed a cardboard box turned upside down on the hot water system and places her in that. Without the box it was 21 degrees celcius and with the box 29 degrees celcius. 

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