Sourdough starter smells bad


is it normal for a sourdough starter to smell bad within the first few days of cultivating?

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Krystal 2020 January 18
Yes, it can smell disgusting for a couple of days before the good bacteria gain the upper hand. Just keep going until it smells lovely and beery. Good luck! Oh and you might find it helpful to move it to a fresh clean jar every day when you feed it, just to help keep the ickies away. Xx
Tamson Overholtzer 2020 June 4

Yes, same here. When I made my new starter, it smelled awful for several days. I was pretty close to throwing it out when I saw a YouTube video that mentioned it. So I just hung in there.  Most videos I saw showed a starter being established in about one week, but that wasn't my experience!  It took about two weeks for my starter to really get going and stabilize.

This video was really helpful for me, and makes it easy to understand how to feed/discard without creating a LOT of waste.


Veraz1grl 2020 June 9

I almost forgot! I've been using the "Flex" bread for everyday and it has been a great success! My husband and I are so happy with this bread. I use applesauce for my sweetener and it's wonderful. Thank you for that, CayoKath!

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