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Ive been feeding my starter twice a day for 11 days now. bubbles great no rise. Can I put to rest in fridge at this point. Reason im asking im leaving town for a few days

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farinam 2016 December 20

Hello breadman2,

I couldn't see any problem with slipping it into the fridge for a day or two while you are away.  Just give is a feed before you do so.  The coolth in the fridge just slows down the activity so that the culture does not multiply as quickly and the aliquot of food lasts longer.

In fact, for just a couple of days, you could even leave it on the bench.  Your yeasties and beasties won't die, they just go into hibernation when the food supply runs out and leap back to life when a new batch of food arrives.

Good luck with your projects.


glenna Landry 2017 January 1

I had an old receipe missed placed it and if I remember I  used  potato flakes jn  my starter

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