Sourdough pie crust. Worth the effort?


The dough was rolled out to 1/8".  The puff, flake and flavor are awesome.  Now the issue...

2 cups AP flour

2 Sticks unsalted butter

1 cup starter

1 T.  sugar

1 t. salt

Mix it into a cohesive mass, cover and let it sot at room temperature for 7 hours.

Chill it until stiff. Dust a silicon sheet with rice flour.  When it sticks to the pin (I use a French one) put it back in the fridg for a few minutes. There will be no touching the crust, no folding it either.  It will break and stick almost instantly at body temp. Put the pie dish over the dough and flip it over. Lift the dges to fit it.  Fill it with whatever.

Roll the top crust out the same way.  Set it next to the pie and flip it over onto it. I hope for good results, an off center landing is tough...  Put it back in the fridge then try to scootch the top crust into place.

About 50 minutes at 350 then test it. 

"If that's what it took to make pies nobody would have ever had one" is what I hear from the Boss followed by "That's one of the best crust I ever tasted."  She is somewhat of an expert on pies...

If there is a simpler way to handle the crust or any othe experiences that could be shared I thank you in advance.


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