Sourdough from Emmer Wheat Flour


Had no idea that I would need to have so much patience with making sourdough bread. I have been trying to perfect my starter now for almost 8 weeks! Have thrown one out and started again and have made some adjustments to the measurements to accomodate the Emmer Wheat Flour (actually seems to need more water as the initial recipe seemed to have a very thick starter which was too thick to rise) so far I have been feeding and replenishing this new mix for 3 weeks and I would like to start with a simple loaf but all the recipes are very complicated. I did find one which was just flour, water and salt but I couldn't follow the measurements (didn't know if 1T was one teaspoon or one tablespoon)! I have mixed my starter using the following recipe:

120grs water

70grs Emmer Wheat Flour

30grs Stoneground Rye Flour

It is bubbling nicely and I think it is ready to use but I need a simple recipe as my first "try".....please help.





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farinam 2016 October 12

Hello Lorri,

Have a good read of the Beginners Tutorials from the Home Page here (right hand panel).  This give an excellent primer on just about everything you need to know about getting starter in sourdough.  There is also a nice simple and reliable recipe included (Pane francesa - sourdough version) that it would be hard to go past to cut your teeth on.  In fact it has been my every-day bread recipe for a long time.

Good luck with your projects.


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