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Been making sough dough for a while, results are generally very good. Use it for pizza, bread and pitta bread. The bread looks nice most of the time. Only time it does not is when it sticks to the proving Banneton basket. It is floured heavily. Like the basket for the pattern, but recently it is just sticking and then bread deflates. If use the liner then generally fine. So any tips on keeping dough from sticking, ie how long do most people leave it to prove? Overnight? Should I dry out the proving dish between uses? Thanks

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farinam 2017 March 14

Hello Kevin,

One technique that can reduce the sticking problem is to use rye flour which has a lower gluten content than wheat flour for dusting.  Or even rice flour which has no gluten content at all.

The fact that it sticks and the dough deflates suggests that you are over-proving.  The time that you can prove for depends very much on the temperature that you are working at.  Unless your room temperature is extra-ordinarily low, overnight proving would usually require at least a cool room or the fridge.  At normal comfortable room temperatures you could be looking at two to four hours or even more and this is why you need to judge the rise by the appearance or by the poke test (though some people have problems with that) rather than going by the clock.  Once you know your conditions, you can use the clock as a guide as to when to start checking.

It pays to make sure that your banneton/liner cloth is dried between uses, mainly to minimise the chances of molds developing.  One method is just to use the last of the heat in the oven to be sure the job is done.  Obviously, don't put it in too hot or you will end up baking it on like concrete.  If the build up of flour gets too thick then some judicious rapping and maybe a gentle brushing will remove some but you don't really want to go back to bare cane/plastic depending on the type that you are using.

Good luck with your projects.


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