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A friend sent me a starter and it came in the mail today (it took 6 days to arrive). It is very runny and I'm not sure how to feed it now. Should I put more flour than usual? I have 140g of starter. Thank you! 

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bomberns127 2020 April 29

hi, transfer to a jar around the 350g size, do not add tap water, chlorine is bad for the natural yeast, bottled is best, the consensus is any flour is ok to add to a starter but i like to add a country grain style bread flour, plain flour will work as well, i would quickly freeze half and to the remaining 70g i would add 70g of water and 70g flour and mix really well, cover the jar with kitchen tissue held on with an elastic band and 1 elastic band around the level of starter, put it on a worksurface for 24 hours, next day you could ditch half of the jar and add the same back in weight of what you ditched, it could take 3-4 days to get a really active response , but learn to be brutal, once the yeast is active and producing bubbles the starter will eat and eat and eat if you keep it on the worksurface, once it is active keep in the fridge and feed once a week, but discard half if you dont bake every week, with the discard you can freeze it or dehydrate it, or give it away to a friend.

since the lockdown flour is difficult to get hold of, thats why you might be better to get it going then freeze it or dehydrate it, you dont have to feed it then and you could wait till flour is readily available

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