My sourdough starter is called Evert


Hello fellow bakers!

I'm from The Netherlands (living in Scotland) and have eaten sourdough throughout my childhood. Recently I thought 'why not try making it myself', and here I am, a few weeks later, having made my first sourdough starter - which has already given me 3 beautiful batches of bread. I've got quite attached to my starter - he (my husband called him Evert, which is a Dutch boy's name) gets fed twice a day, and I find myself looking forward to lifting the plastic film that's on his bowl, sniffing up the lovely aroma, and stirring to get those exciting bubbles going. It's almost like having a pet! Anyone recognize this :-)?


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Panesardo 2016 November 27
Hello Miriam, your starter looks great! Mine gave me a good loaf, but I would like it more bubbly and acid, I don't feed it every 2 days, maybe I should. I only bake once a week

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