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Hi all


I'm new to this forum (and what a forum it is!)


I've been baking sourdough for the best part of a year, and after a fair few disasterous attempts, I thought I had got it licked. I was certainly happy with my efforts and the bread tasted great. Photo's attached (not sure why they appear to be in the wrong view.)


I much prefer a batard and I have been using an oval Le Creuset which gives great results, however, baking at such a high temperature had begun to ruin the pot so I purchased a proper dutch oven combo cooker (with the flat bottom). Now the loaves just spread out which has made me relaise how much the Le Creuset was actually shaping my bread. I know I need more pratice getting the shaping right, but in the videos I have watched, I think my dough is too sticky to handle it the way they tutors are.


I am using the tartine recipe and method and just wondered if anyone had any ideas? Is it totally down to the way I shape the batard? Any advice appreciated.


For two loaves I use:

200g starter, 900g strong flour, 100g malted flour, 750g water (in total - 50g added with the salt mix), 20g salt





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