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London Levain

Hi all, I've been trying my hand at sourdough for a couple of months now. I began in Londo UK and just moved to LA, California. I've been having some fairly good results - though sometimes a bit hit and miss. I use my own starter and have been playing around with the Tartine country loaf recipe. Working towards the 75% hydration - it was hard for me to handle at first. I use a convection oven and Dutch oven combo cooker. I've been a bit restricted on flour since I arrived in LA. And have had to settle for King Arthur, that has not given the best results in flavour. I've had pretty good oven springs. I'm planning in getting a delivery of flour from breadtopia to test out some tastier options. Anyway, I'd really like to improve the flavour, shape, and crumb of my  loaves. Any advice would be greatly received! I have learnt so much from the Internet on bread making. Such a brat resource and soooo much experience and knowledge out there.  Thanks in advance and happy baking!

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