First Autumn Loaf


With the changing of the seasons it was a great opportunity to bake this fruity spiced sourdough of Apple and Cinnamon. My first attempt at this combination and a true delight it is, moist, full of flavour and an excellent crust.

As a new member from Cumbria in the beautiful Upper Eden Valley in England and a relatively new bread maker I would welcome any comments, exchange of ideas and anything to make me a better all round baker. 






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Millciti 2016 October 5

Beautiful loaf I can almost smell and taste it!!  My next autumnal loaf will be with pumpkin, and I am thinking currants and spice...  I have heard that cinnamon has a tendency to retard yeast. Do think that it had any affect on your bread?

 BTW I also checked out your site - :) yum!

ivycottagebaker 2016 October 5

Hi! Thanks for checking the site, in its infancy and we're not techy!

I can't say there was any adverse affect on the yeasts, maybe because it's a long ferment?

The end result may be different if using dried or even fresh yeast? The end result was tasty and kept very well too.

Look forward to your spicy pumpkin bread!


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