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I am very new to sourdough baking. I have yet to make a successful loaf. My starter process went great. It’s all bubbly and doubled in size an it floated in water.

But both times I’ve attempted to make bread the dough won’t rise. Like at all. The first time I waited 11 hours and nothing. I baked the bread anyway and that was a disaster. 

I am currently on my 2nd attempt.  I checked everything, I weighed everything precisely, I made sure my water was heated to 80 degrees, I gave the dough a nice warm spot to rise overnight.  And this morning(11hours later).....nothing  it looks the same as when I left it last night.  

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to let it sit longer?


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SlackerJohn 2018 April 1

Water at 80F?   or 80C?

I use water straight from the tap.  Sounds like you are killing the culture with heat.


yozzause 2018 April 16

A 11  hour warm rise  is a long rise and probably where the problem lies More info on your procedure etc please  

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