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It's my first time making a sourdough bread and I started yesterday, I used 100g of starter* (feeded) 500g of all-porpose flour and 300g of water. mixed everything and when i was doing the slapping and folding, it was becoming more wet (it was raining a lot). I gave up, used more flour and puted in the fridge, now 12 hours later it didn't grew up, it's possible to save yet? I shoul'd bake anyway just to see what will happen or just throw away and start again? There is a photo from yesterday and today


*My starter was floating but it is taking 8-10 hours to grow and its not doubling,only a small rise, i thing its the room temperature (60ºF - 70ºF)

**My english it's rusty

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Staff 2017 May 27

Hi Ddado,

You mentioned that you used 'all-purpose flour.'

This could be the clue you are looking for with the lack of development of the dough. A flour that is higher in protein will help develop the gluten and give you the rise you are looking for and perhaps the flour you used did not have these qualites. 

If you don't have access to a higher protein bread flour, you may find gluten sold separately in the supermarket which can be added to your 'all-purpose flour.'

Let us know how you go.



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