Cast Iron Pot


About to buy a Cast Iron pot for baking.

Is there a difference in getting a traditional Cast iron pot and a cast iron pot that has enamel on the exterior and interior? or is the only difference in one being easier to clean than the other?

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Light_Work 2018 September 1

I pulled my Dutch oven from the rust pile. Once I had it down to bare metal I used it for redering lard and cleaned it with kosher salt, washed it and recoated it with lard. It took  on the first go around. Using a silicon sheet at least in the bottom will really help if you work with wet dough. If the bottoms are too dark I put rice grains under the sheet.


I like to play around with slashing.  This was my 'starfish' phase.

Loafer 2018 October 4

I use a enameled one and put th bread in on baking paper easy to get out of a hot pot and no cleaning required

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