Brown Paper Bags for Storing Bread


Hi Everyone

I have been trying unsuccessfully to find loaf sized brown paper bags,in which to store my sourdough, online. There are many, many bags but I cant seem to find the right size...they are either too big or too small. I'm looking for something that you might get your bread in from a bakery. Can anyone help with a link to a source these?  


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Light_Work 2017 January 12

Have you asked the bakery?  Paper bags would seem good for short tume storage.  I used linen sacks until I went to plastic veggie bags. If I bake two or more loaves I freeze them. I can open and close the bag I'm slicing from to keep the bread moist without molding it.

Emma 2017 January 12

Thanks Light_Work, I do the same re freezing but I give a lot of bread away and I think it's nice to present it in a brown paper bag. I live a long way from town and no, I haven't asked a bakery.....I just didn't think it would be so tricky to find the right bags online. 


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farinam 2017 January 12

Hello Emma,

What country are you in?  Not much point referring you to places in Oz if you are in the States or somewhere.

Good luck with your projects.


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