2nd Sourdough Loaf Over Proofed??

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New to baking sourdough & this is my 2nd loaf - over proofed I think ?! Maybe 3rd time lucky with my next loaf!
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farinam 2017 January 2

Hello Stack,

That would appear to be a good diagnosis with the flat,spread out loaf and the palish crust.  Other factors could be the hydration of the dough and your shaping techique but without some insight into your recipe and method it is a bit hard to say.

If you get a good loaf on your third attempt you have done very well.  Some people take quite a while to get to that stage but the main thing is not to get disheartened by 'failures'.  They are all part of the learning process and are very rarely inedible.

Good luck with your projects.


Light_Work 2017 January 4

The crumb looks good... How was the flavor and texture?  I bake in a Dutch oven or cloche to prevent wet doughs from spreading like that.  


Here is a high hydration dough baked in a Dutch oven.

The Stack 2017 January 5
Flavour & texture were fine - so hopefully get the next loaf to rise better - hoping to buy a romertopf over the next few weeks so maybe that will help.
Anna Holmes 2017 January 12


Would you share your recipe with me please.  I am very new to bread baking. I got a bread machine for Christmas so I could make low sodium breads for my son-in-law who was recently diagnosed with a rare heart and lung disorder. But so far, the low salt has meant poor preservation. So I just started my starter culture yesterday. It of course overflowed the bowl. It was 2:2 cups water/Bread flour and 1 teaspoon yeast. It is a little tamer this morning.

The bread you show looks wonderful.  I think I might mix in the machine, but bake in our oven in a Dutch oven (or did you mean on the stovetop?), or make rolls big enough for two to share. If you have any low salt/no salt options that would also be great. So far my carmelized onion bread is the best in texture and taste. I remove it from the bread machine pan and continue toasting the outside for ten minutes.

Thanks for any help.

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