The Philosophy

Companion Bakery is an organic sourdough bakery based in Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia. We prefer to use locally grown produce, including flour from nearby Callington Mill (opens April 2010).

Companion is where we put into practice what is talked about on this website. The online community has been very inspiring for us, and we look forward to informing the community with our own recipes and techniques from the bakery.


Philosophies of the Bakery

Organic produce
Caring for the people you bake for, and conserving the planet's natural environment. Organics is a step in the right direction. We use 100% organic flour, organic apples, organic walnuts and whatever else we can get our hands on.


Quality ingredients from local producers
Working directly with local producers is very satisfying. Local producers often produce a better quality product too!

We use Tasmanian: apples, pumpkin, walnuts, berries and other ingredients in our bread. In 2010 we will begin milling Tasmanian organic flour through Callington Mill, which is opposite the bakery.

Dialogue with the customer
Companion Bakery uses the baking standards of the Artisan Baker Association, designed to inform the customer on what exactly is going into their bread. All of our bread is naturally leavened using the sourdough process of long fermentation times. No commercial yeast is added.

We do not use industrial bread 'improvers' or ascorbic acid.

Smaller bakeries
A belief shared with Crystal Waters in south east Queensland is that smaller local bakeries, are of greater benefit to people and the environment. This movement was encourage largly by Alan Scott.