Why is it so hard to find a strong fresh whole wheat flour?


Hi everyone,


Ive recently found myself with some time on my hands and have been getting into bread baking in a more considered way. My biggest gripe is the difficulty of finding good quality whole wheat flour. I've found Demeter flour and will place an order for some soon but ideally a locally available flour in Canberra would be best. Any suggestions?



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farinam 2012 November 5

There is, I think, a place called Mountain Creek Wholefoods in Griffith (suburb?).

Good luck with your projects.


Iain 2012 November 6

From their website you can see that Lauke's (SA & VIC) mill a large range of flours aimed at the home bakers with their bread machines.

What you don't see is the wide range of 'commercial' flours they mill that will meet virtually all of your needs. Lauke,s started in Strathalbyn in SA milling especially for small and artisan bakers, a market that they remain seriously committed to. Give them a ring or send them an email and and ask them for a list of their commercial range and details of your closest supplier.

No, I not from Lauke,s I just make magic soughdoughs from their flours and through them found far fewer boundaries, particularly in using very high hydrations and in maintaining a good range of frozen doughs to meet unexpected needs.

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