Where do you keep your starter?


Where do you keep your starter, in the fridge or at room temperature and why?



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TeckPoh 2009 August 12

in the fridge. 3 tiny jars. I don't bake bread quite as often as I like, and, in our tropical heat/humidity, that's the best place for it. At least, they seem happy for the last 4 years. 2 to 3 refreshments perk them up to good form.

How was your holiday? And, did you bake there?



Lisette 2009 August 12

Our holiday was just great, beautifull hills in the north of Italy.

No I did not make a starter there as I planned to do and did no baking either.


Starter survived just fine those two weeks and is back to its bubly self again.

Will try another baking this week, still experimenting a lot with different recipes.



PeteInAz. 2009 August 15

During the week, I keep my starter in the fridge. I take it out Friday afternoon and feed it Friday night. 

After baking with it over the weekend, I feed it one last time and put it back in the refrigerator until the next weekend.

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