Heritage Wheat & Bread by Monica Spiller, October 13 and 16

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By Alan Scott

Tasmania Australia October 13th and 16th, 2007

Monica Spiller from Davis, California will be in Tasmania briefly to present talks on her recent years of work founding “The Whole Grain Connection”, a non-profit organisation that researches heritage grains for organic growers to crop for the growing natural “Artisan” bread movement.

Monica is planning summary presentations on separate topics to present as appropriate, such as Wholemeal flour quality, Localised wheat agriculture, Wholemeal bread making, Wholemeal nutrition, Local wheat infrastructure, Wheat history - the last 250 years especially. Varietal selection will be covered under both flour quality and localized wheat agriculture etc.

These talks are in conjunction with the reconstruction of the windmill in Oatlands and the local organic self sufficiency and food secure footprint that the mill will foster in Tasmania generally.

The first talk will be on Bruny Island at the new facility of the Bruny Island Cheese Company,1807 Main Road Great Bay. (03) 6260 6332 or 0424 606 332 on the Saturday the 13th Oct of the weekend of the brick oven building workshop there, commencing at 2pm.

The second talk will be at “The Stables” conference and café facilities at 85 High Street Oatlands on Tuesday the 16th.. 0438 083 740 also commencing at 2pm. Donations gratefully accepted.

For both these events and the oven building workshop Contact Alan Scott 33 Wellington Street Oatlands 7120, 6254 1131 or 0424 693 110 or [email protected]


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