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If one can obtain individual professional accreditation via then What are the institutions accredited within Australia ?

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Graham 2007 October 4

Hi pan,

The accreditation that [url=]Artisan Baker Association[/url] has introduced is basically a way for a bakery to say that they are genuinely interested in the art and craft of baking. [url=]These bakeries[/url] declare their motivations and process in an [url=]accreditation survey[/url]. The ABA does not wish to be the bread police so, as of 2008, bakeries will be asked permission to publish the survey as a public that bread eaters can make up their own minds about who is worthy of the 'artisan' title.

As far as 'individual accreditation' goes, if you mean individual bakers, then in Australia most artisans learn their craft by getting experience working at artisan bakeries. The (TAFE) bakery trade course in Australia is starting to introduce artisan methods, such as pre-ferments and a philosophical approach to bread, but this is currently only a small component of industry training.

In 2008,the ABA will introduce a formal 'Artisan Baker Certificate', where bakers gain experience working in several accredited artisan bakeries over a period of 6 months to 3 years. At present there are also shorter (2 days to 3 weeks) training consultancies available at individual bakeries. Please contact me if any of these options interest you.

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pan 2007 October 25

Thanks Graham but for the first time I think I have confidence in winning the pastie competition in the Baking Show 2007 hosted by BIAV and sponsored by EOI. Will see what's comes from there on

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