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Hey Jeremy and TP,

What delicious recipes have you got for lemon tarts ... tarte au citron, etc ... both cream and non-cream versions appreciated.



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Jeremy 2007 June 17

Where have you been!
I have a great one, will send when I actually am awake, it's still six in the morning actually!


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SourYumMum 2007 June 17

Hi Jeremy,

I'm here! Where I've always been!! But it's citrus season down under!

I've not been making much bread ... too hard being back at work fulltime and wrangling two little boys ... trying to keep a starter alive just becomes another chore rather than the pleasure it should be. So I've been spending a small fortune on Steve Arnott's breads!

Have you heard about our new tourist attraction in Newcastle? We had a huge storm last weekend, 9 people died, homes lost, thousands of cars written off ... and a huge coal carrier washed up on the main city beach!


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Jeremy 2007 June 17

Wow! Sounds like global warming!
Hey send me your e-mail I have a recipe for you!

I loved the cd you sent when you interview all those artisans, funny the guy growing olives didn't like eating them!


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TeckPoh 2007 June 18


Yes, I was shocked to hear about what the storm did to Newcastle. Keep safe. Global warming is wreaking havoc here too. We've been getting rains when we shouldn't and superhot sun. Kuala (estuary) Lumpur (mud) is living up to its name.

Am afraid I've never had much luck with lemon tarts....too soft, some doesn't even set...but that was, like, 2 years ago. Haven't made any lately...but it has never been too far at the back of my mind. Will see what Jeremy has for us. Over to you, J.


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SourYumMum 2007 June 18

Hi TP,

I didn't know KL meant 'estuary mud'!

I was talking to a friend who lives in Japan the other day ... inland north of Tokyo ... she was saying the rains haven't arrived and they are nearly out of water (they have a well). Most of Australia and NSW where I live has been in severe drought, but this tiny little coastal patch where we are has been quite lucky with dams nearly full, etc. Mind you, they're overflowing now!


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