Walnut & Raisin


Here's my two pence worth...

A walnut & raisin loaf.

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Jake 2007 March 30

Thanks!! It tasted really good, although next time I think I'll stick even more fruit/nuts in there.

Actually TP, that reminds me. I'm not the only one making sourdough here in China. A while back I went to a Tibetan village and the neighbour of some friends living there was baking a sourdough loaf as well... Tibetan style. In a metal 'pot' under a pile of smoldering grass. It looked quite delicious! Unfortunately I didn't get to try it but my friend reckoned it tasted really good.


Jake 2007 March 30

Hey Jeremy, you mentioned it in another post recently, but I didn't quite follow it. How do you get the natural cracking thing going? You said to put the loaf seamside down for the final proof. Does this mean you place the loaf seamside up in the oven for baking??

Thanks (to Jeremy or anyone else who answers this post before I place my loaf in the oven in two hours time).


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