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Today on the online [url=][b]BBC News[/b][/url]: "Ethical Man has discovered a whole range of food additives don?t even get listed on the ingredients..."

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Maedi 2007 January 28

I hate how things such as cereal (coco pops, sultana brand etc.), nutella, LCM bars', etc. can be promoted as healthy options. They're obviously full of processed sugar. Do I know what I'm talking about?


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carla 2007 January 28

Yes I know what you mean Maedi.

However most people do not know what they actually eat when they buy seemingly "normal" looking food items.

I have bought some sliced roast beef the other day from the Deli at the supermarket and was amazed to find later on the price label (where the ingredients are listed) that it contains soy products and a host of other unnecessary and unwanted items that have nothing to do in slab of roast beef that is sliced and sold. But it only looked like roast beef -. it wasn't. It was a concoction of all sorts made to look like roast beef, sliced.

The same happens when you buy surimi - which is supposedly crab meat. Well crab is a very small percentage of that stuff - if at all. It is mainly flour, soy, water, colouring, flavouring a bit of white fish bycatch which cannot be sold otherwise and various other things.

Here in NZ we had an article the other day how you can eat "healthier": go and buy the low-calorie chicken breast instead the drumsticks! Of course it will have a bit less fat if you take the skin off it, but it also has tons of water in it to make it "tender". You pay for that by weight of course! If we are as far as the industry (and you cannot call it anything else) in Europe I don't know.

There it was found that 17 samples of chicken breast fillets contained foreign DNA:
"17 samples were found to have foreign DNA, with 7 being of bovine (cattle) origin, 7 of porcine (pig) origin and 3 positive for both bovine and porcine origin. While there are no major risks to human health from the inclusion of pork in chicken, there will be real concern among religious groups and others who abstain from eating pig meat about the presence of pig DNA in chicken. Of the 23 samples branded as halal, eight were found to contain DNA from pigs." More [url=][b]here[/b][/url].

Note that it is "not against the law" to put all that stuff into the chicken fillets. It only must be labelled.

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SourYumMum 2007 January 29

Hey you two,

This is from the Sunday magazine in the NY Times. It's long, but very interesting.



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