What's the matter in here?

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fivehundred users and 404 at port 80 all the time

285 users have voted.


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carla 2007 February 23

What's the matter in here

I wonder too - new layout?
Or is this just my puter doing it?

And no posts since 3 days???
What is happening?

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Maedi 2007 February 23

Do you dislike the new layout Carla? If you wish, I will restore it. As for spam users. I will be upgrading the board to phpBB3 to rid them. Even though we wont have support, it will be worth it.

It is a little quite. New users have trickled in lately, due to the spam. Which will be fixed. Every forum has its quite times. Do we need another way of increasing visits?

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TeckPoh 2007 February 23

Interesting layout. Let's familiarise with it for a few days and see.

Have been very busy. Chinese New Year...all about eating and preparing food...which is what I'm doing these 2 days. Having an Open House tomorrow for close to 40 ppl. Hey, you are all invited too. Open House is a malaysian term which means our home is open to visitors (invited or not) for food.

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Maedi 2007 February 23

TP, I should point out that the layout you see now, is completely different to the one Carla was talking about. When I upgraded the board it restored the forum to a default look. I don't like the current look much either, too many lines.

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Jeremy 2007 February 24

this is so high tech! Need some better color scheme though, more natural light?
How you doing by the way?


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