SD Bagels...

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After baking the normal loaves of spelt bread with poolish for someone lately, I refreshed Dom's starter and baked a small batch of SD bagels for a change...


It's been a while since I baked using a starter and am getting a little rusty

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TeckPoh 2006 October 7

What's a bagelly colour, Carla? I've only had bagels twice in my life...a very salt-encrusted one in NYC (heresy, but I picked off 90% of the salt because I wanted my heart to make it home) and a delicious filled one in California not too long ago.

Welcome back, Don! Thanks for sharing.

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carla 2006 October 7

Was a German joke TP.
donyeokl said that he was a bit rusty (in using sourdough).
And I thought the only thing here looking rusty (the colour) are these bagels...

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carla 2006 October 7

I found that in many countries jokes are quite different.
And people will not understand the different jokes and do not find funny what I find funny and vice versa.
Often people are even embarrassed about rude jokes which we find very funny, but its not appropriate to tell such jokes in let's say America or Japan. Hilarious when you have different visitors and one lot gets red and embarrassed and the other lot laughs out loud and some just sniggle behind their hands...

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bianchifan 2006 October 7

[b]??????? Lost in translation?[/b]
..owe..[/i] my keyboard sucks..should be "one"

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Jeremy 2006 October 7

Hey, must be all the rye on your fingers! How are you? Coming to Australia in August to visit Graham, want to plan a forum baking gathering, kinda a bread convention!?


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