go have a sleep


timer on oven to go on automatically and alarm to get up one hour after oven goes on.
well it looks like i smashed the alarm (those things are so rude) and got up 3 hours later
what a great bread it turn out to be, no sign of overproofing, nice crust (cracks free), slashes still opened up a lot, i made slashes no so deep due to worry that i overproofed my bread but they went all out regardless.

great taste, and crust quality keeps better too where after 12hours it was still sort of fresh like just not warm.

go and overproof you breads.

and bloody hell can those recipe writers stop coming up with "when doubled in size" i think this is the most incorrect comment in just about every baking book that really missleads people, i used to go by this but it is pure nonsense. well proofed dough doesn't double in volume, it gets easly 3 times bigger if not more, regardless what recipe it is, be it sourdough or yeast.

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