hand watch and bread baking


some 9 years ago my wife's relative droped my watch and it lost little spring that connects to the buzzer at the back
now that i bake just about every day i decided to fix it and what a joy it is.
watch is almost like new because when it got dropped it was only about one year old.
citizen make this model just with differnt styling till today and is packed with funnky features where arms go backward, two alarms and what's not so i'm happy to have it a specially the "egg timer" for my kneading pauses, no more looking at clock nonstop for me

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TeckPoh 2006 September 6

Glad to hear about your old friend's revival. As for me...I'm quite happy with my intuitive clock. I sense some tense muscles...why don't you loosen up a bit...no need to be such a stickler. Breadmaking is a fun exercise..knead however long you like...doubt if you'll overknead.

Croc 2006 September 6

i'm talking about pauses between
recipe tell you leave for 10min than knead again for 10-15sec
i get so sucked in to doing something else that i can be "out" for hour or two and never get back on time to see my dough.

Croc 2006 September 6

now i need to repair my pen

i been like idiot making changes to some recipes and last week had few really nice breads but now i got no idea what i done different that specific time.........

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TeckPoh 2006 September 6

(throwing you a pen from across the seas)........

It just takes seconds to jot down the date, ingred, proving/fermentation periods, and after tasting, some descriptors. Do it.

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TeckPoh 2006 September 6

First I've to get you a pen, then I've to get you [url=http://www.sourdough.com.au/forum//viewtopic.php?t=424]the recipe.[/url]..heh heh...recipe only comes with ingredients, not the method. And, you don't have that good an imagination

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