How do you calculate the proper dough to pan ratio ?

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I have always wondered how you figure out how much dough will fit into a banneton or baking tin so that it will just neatly rise to the top and not overflow (nor sit at halfway the height of the tin).

There must be some rule of thumb for beginners - or people like me who often try new recipes and then have to decide if it will fit the tin or not!

[url=][b]chembake has written here[/b][/url]: "the best way is to calculate the pan volume and divide that by the dough weight. Basing from the numbers we can deduce the proper dough weight for the given pan volume. But its works best with bakers yeast leavened bread and not much with traditional sourdoughs."

So does anybody know an easy or even foolproof formula how to figure the proper dough to pan ratio out?

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Croc 2006 August 16

i do it the dumb way

make first bake with what feels just about right than next ones go for less or more weight

and seing how everything makes a difference i don't think there is better way
i remember using same recpie for ages than i changed flour brand and bread was almost twice the size

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