In the starter's hands: first good results!


Take #3 and I have some results that I like:


The loaf is a mostly white loaf (50% wholemeal in the starter) based on [url=]directions[/url] Dan Lepard gave in a posting on his forum, with slightly higher hydration (unintentionally -- bad mental arithmetic!) and longer proofing.

It's a bigger loaf than I expected; next time I'll scale it down a bit, I think. Happily it tastes good.

Comments and suggestions for improvement most welcome.


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giles 2006 June 19

Good stuff Giles, great crust and crumb structure, I'll bet it tasted good.
It does. Baked last night (while watching the world cup) and cut this morning. It's going to take me a while to finish it!

Thanks for your postings and contributions to the forum. When I was wondering if my loaf was proved after about four hours (I didn't think it was) I found one of your postings where you indicated your usual time was six hours ... so I crossed my fingers and waited.

Next time I'll see if I can't slash more confidently. Might be time to buy a lame.


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TeckPoh 2006 June 19

Great-looking loaf you've got there. Do keep sharing your bakes...we can't get enough of them. For me, who make SD bread only once a week, I live vicariously through others.

Why don't you cut half, wrap in cling-film and freeze it? Don't leave it out to dry and stale. Look at the flour content in the recipe...the dough part. For my family of 5 (3 kids), we go through a loaf of around 500g flour in 2 sittings. Sometimes, I make this into 2 loaves and freeze one.

giles 2006 June 19

Hi TeckPoh,

I was thinking of freezing, but the sourdough fans in my family look like they're about to volunteer to help use it up.


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