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Well I know this is a sourdough forum but I was just curious since I was reading something about baker's yeast production. I know strains of S. cerevisiae that are good for raising bread are chosen to produce baker's yeast. But does anyone know if they also select for strains that work better in different geographical climates? I mean baker's yeast is manufactured in different countries I presume, so would it be logical to select for strains which can work a bit better in the climate of the country where it's produced in?

Say in a country where the climate is generally colder and you'd have to find a warm spot to proof dough with yeast that functions at a higher optimum temperature, or in a hot tropical climate where you don't want your doughs to rise too fast either because of flavour or production schedules. I mean it would also be useful especially say in a factory production environment where individual bakers aren't the ones who determine the proofing time right? Or does it actually matter all that much?

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